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The Pier B Resort Yurt

Want an exciting place to gather and enjoy the weather year round? Look no further than the Pier B Resort Yurt! Originally used as homes by Turkish and Mongolian peoples, yurts provide a comfortable and stylish gathering point for guests to relax and unwind. The yurt is free for all resort guests to use, heated with a cozy wood burning fire inside, and comes stocked with games and puzzles to enjoy!

Yurt Info

  1. Hours of Operation
    1. Midweek
      1. Open 4pm – 10pm
      2. Light fire 3pm
    2. Friday-Sunday
      1. Open 10am – 11pm
      2. Light fire 9am
    3. Music Friday – Saturday nights
      1. Entertainment Hours will vary, generally 6-9
  2. Games & More
    1. Board games available in Yurt (or at front desk)
  3. Bar service (wine and beer)
    1. Weekends Only (Friday/Saturday 6-10pm)


See how despite frigid cold and winds our Pier B Team constructed the new Yurt in just under 2 days!