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Waterfalls Worth Chasing

Here at Pier B Resort Hotel in Duluth, MN, we feel very lucky to be located along the shores of Lake Superior, which boasts some of the greatest views and exploring opportunities. Lesser-known are the enchanting and breathtaking waterfalls located throughout the North Shore and right here in Duluth. Nestled in the middle of residential areas or hidden in some of the area’s hiking trails and nature destinations, these treasures are a favorite to locals and visitors alike.

Ready to fall in love with some falls? Explore these natural wonders:

Amity Park
Amity Park is home to some of the best waterfalls in Duluth– right in our own backyard! After seeing these, you may not even feel the need to drive along the North Shore. Driving down Seven Bridges Road, you’ll notice these beautiful falls by the roadside parking next to the bridge.

1) Keep Smiling Falls
2) Amity Falls
3) Deep Falls

Pro Tip: Bring your bikes and cycle all the way around the park, or explore on foot.

Photo by @Daytripper28

Chester Creek
Chester Creek Hiking Trail runs directly on the water’s edge and is full of fun, rocky areas to climb. There’s definitely something for everyone here. We would advise against what TLC sang about in the 90’s and absolutely chase the waterfalls – they are beautiful!

Photo by Rachel @joodie_the_foodie

Gooseberry Falls
Get excellent views and pictures of the falls without the crowds! With miles and miles of awesome trails throughout the park – adventurers of any age will love hiking here! Take one of the short loops with kids or choose a longer trail and go off the beaten path.

The waterfall is magnificent and you can get really close to it (just be careful on the rocks). The Gitchi-Gami Trail also goes through the park if you like to bike!

Pro Tips:
  • Start your adventure with views of Middle and Lower Falls, located nearest to the parking area. These falls are the most accessible and the trails and paths leading to the viewing area at this location are very safe.
  • Take in excellent views of Lake Superior on the Gitchi Gummi Loop Trail (1.2 miles).
  • For additional adventure, you can take the walk up to Fifths Falls.

Photo by: Chrissy @SustainWisconsin

George Crosby Manitou State Park
Worth the trip up the shore! Begin your day of exploring at George Crosby Manitou State Park. With miles of trails and incredible views, you will be impressed by this lesser-known State Park. Some of the trails are very rough, but worth the experience. From the falls to the overlook view of the Sawtooth Mountains, there are many incredible sights to take in here. Be on the lookout for wildlife while on your hike as well. This spot on the adventure will take the most time due to the terrain on the trails, so if you are on a schedule, allow for extra time.

Photo by Stephanie Schoen @mn.steph

Photo by Stephanie Schoen @mn.steph

Tettegouche State Park
Tettegouche is known for some of the most iconic cliff views on the North Shore of Lake Superior. Walk along the shoreline of the largest of the Great Lakes, or journey inland to check out the magnificent High Falls and Baptism River.

Make sure you visit:
  • Shovel Point Trail, which begins out of the main visitor center parking lot. This trek is not incredibly long, but includes some stairs, rocky, and potentially icy pathways, as well as some very unique micro habitats that can only be found along the North Shore – so it’s important to stay on trail to protect fragile plant life.
  • Take time at the top of the cliff to view the rhyolite cliffs that have a rosy hue and are less common than the other types of volcanic rock that can be seen in other locations along the shore.
  • Watch for Peregrines! Nesting falcons often make this location home and while they may not be guarding nests in the winter months, some birds may stay for the season or return early to their territory. You may catch them patrolling the skies along the cliff edge.

Temperance River Falls
Often overlooked along the shore, this park is a jewel with secret falls, swirling water among rock formations, and stunning ravines.

The ranger station is on the Lake Superior side of Highway 61, while the best trails are on the hillside. Make sure to take the trail head north up into the Superior National Forest along the Temperance River to get the most dramatic views of the falls and cascading water!

For those looking for a long hike and a higher view, this trail system connects up to the Superior Hiking Trail and can lead you to Carlton and Tofte Peaks (approximately 2 miles from upper falls.)

Pro Tips:
  • Park in the lot located right on Highway 61 and take the trail north towards Hidden Falls to see some of the most beautiful river ravines on the shore.
  • Due to slippery hiking surfaces, yaktrax or other ice/slip resistant footwear is strongly recommended for winter/early spring visits.

Photo by Audrey @outdoorsy.families


Photo by Audrey @outdoorsy.families

Illgen Falls Park
Illgen falls is breathtaking– there’s not much hiking around the falls themselves – however there is a rope swing over the water to use at your own discretion. Beautiful pictures can be taken around the waterfall.

Pro Tip: Walk about 0.5 miles to the bottom of the waterfall from the small parking lot, there you will see the rope swing.

Photo by: Shay

Photo by: Shay

Not only incredible sightseeing destinations, the landscape and hiking trails surrounding the majority of our area’s waterfalls make these outdoor excursions a most memorable part of your North Shore getaway. Ask a member of our front desk team if you need any additional suggestions or information this waterfall season!

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