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History Hunt Stop 1

Pier B: Then And Now

Step One Is Done!

To begin our History Hunt, let’s learn a little about the history you’re standing on. See, Pier B wasn’t always a resort. In fact, prior to 1890, it wasn’t anything at all. The turn of the twentieth century saw the tremendous transformation of the Duluth waterfront from a swamp of floating bogs to a series of concrete piers and a large harbor canal, giving the region’s growing timber and mining industries access to the world via the Great Lakes. Those piers remain today, as the foundations for the DECC, Great Lakes Aquarium and Bayfront Festival Park. 
The area was an active industrial park until the early 2000s. It was at that time that, recognizing the tremendous development potential, local developers Alessandro Giuliani and Sanford Hoff assembled a group of local investors and acquired the site. From the start, Giuliani and Hoff were dedicated to preserving the rich heritage of the site. Today Pier B is an award-winning resort that draws visitors from all over the country.