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Amazing Duluth MN Lodging Experience: What to Expect

Americans are working a lot—Many are arguing we work too much.

Whether you enjoy your work or not, at some point, it’s important to take a break. In the midwestern states, there’s no better getaway than Duluth, Minnesota.

You’re not a camping person? No worries—Pier B Resort Hotel is the perfect Duluth MN lodging experience for you. There’s nothing better than combining outdoor life with city comfort and amenities we’re used to having.

Keep reading to learn about everything we offer to make a stay in Duluth MN the ideal vacation for you.

Check Into Luxury
It’s the best part of camping—You wake up and unzip your front door to a misty, dreamy landscape. But… Everything else about camping? Not so great.

At Pier B Resort, you can experience that magic while enjoying premier Duluth amenities: Our luxurious rooms and suites look out onto Duluth’s waterfront and parks!

If you’re not big on the outdoor world, don’t fret. Duluth’s mixture of city life and industry with lush greenery and the beauty of Lake Superior mean that you can easily snag a view showcasing the best of both worlds.

Adventures in Nature
There’s research proving that spending time in the natural world does wonders for your mental health, so why not get out there?

You came to Duluth for the scenery—Go explore it!

Simply Enjoy the Outdoors
At Pier B Resort Hotel, our rooms offer indoor comforts with outdoor experiences. You can make s’mores with our kits and firepits, or head over to the Bayfront Festival Park.

Relax or Run Wild on the Water
Waterfront activities in the Duluth MN area include everything you can imagine, from fishing tours to your own boat adventure—Which you can start right out your hotel room door! Even if you’re not a boating fan, there are lots of water activities you can enjoy from the shore.

Indoor Activities
No Duluth lodging experience is complete without exploring the city and unwinding indoors, too. We have some suggestions for you:

  • Go to the Great Lakes Aquarium
  • Take the family to the Duluth’s Children’s Museum
  • Race go-carts at Pier B
  • See DECC Concerts
  • Swim indoors and use our hot tub, on-site
  • Get in shape at our fitness center

Gourmet Grub

Hungry? You don’t need to get in your car!

The Silos Restaurant at Pier B serves gourmet dishes made from ethically and locally sourced ingredients.

Book A Duluth MN Lodging Experience Now

Whether you’re an outdoor adventurer, city explorer, or just want to spend time relaxing away from home, Duluth, Minnesota has something for everybody.

When visiting Duluth or any other destination, the ideal location is close to the action, but away from the commotion. The best news? Pier B Resort Hotel is in just the right spot.

A perfect location and endless opportunities and amenities available to you make Pier B Resort Hotel the obvious choice for your Duluth MN lodging experience. Book your next trip today, quickly and easily.

Any questions? Just get in touch. See you soon!

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